• Top Ranked Snow Shovels, to get the job done right

    January 14, 2017 | blog | Amber
  • Top Ranked Snow Shovels, to get the job done right.

    Shoveling snow is one of our least favorite winter chores, but when you pick the right tool for the job you can save time and your back. So, what are the most important features of a good snow shovel? BMS did a little digging to find out. (see what we did there?)

    The most important features of your next snow shovel are (drumroll please);

    Weight; Weight falls into two categories, total weight of the snow shovel and total weight the snow shovel can carry. Consider the maximum load the shovel is built to carry and how heavy the shovel is. Things like wood handles are pretty but they add extra, unproductive weight. Lighter snow shovels, like plastic allow for increased shoveling efficiency.
    Handle Type; ergonomic versus straight. Bent handles are generally designed for pushing tasks, causing more stress on the front hand when attempting to lift the snow shovel. Straight handles allow for optimal hand positioning for easier lifting, however do not have the mechanical advantage in pushing snow.
    Length; Choose a shovel that matches your height, bending over your shovel is a backache waiting to happen, and conversely, you won’t be able to get the proper leverage from a shovel that is too long for you.
    Blades; Larger blades mean moving more snow, however more snow means more weight and tiring out faster. A smaller blade does move less snow, but usually the user can move at a faster rate, making it more efficient. The two main blade materials are plastic, which is lighter but not as durable, and aluminum.

    Top Ranked Shovels to get the job done right.



    Suncast SCP3500; Power blade, Combo Shovel/Pusher, 20″ x 13″ shatter resistant tinted polycarbonate blade, aluminum shaft with non-slip D handle, tough nylon wear strip. Durable and great customer service.


    *Suncast SC3250; Snow pusher/shovel combo. Poly blade measures 18″ x 12″ with galvanized steel wear strip. Ergonomic handle with steel tube and ribbed grip. Comes with a 10-year warranty. Great for pushing and easy to lift with also.


    Garant Yukon; No-lift Garant snow pusher. Its 30-inch blade is made of a single piece of high-quality steel that allows you to push a large quantity of snow. This snow removal tool is equipped with steel reinforcements for increased strength and rigidity. This one is heavy duty, heavier than expected. Good for maintaining a clean walk as the snow is falling, may have to do a couple layers of pushing for very deep snow.


    Snow Wolf Fixed Frame Non-folding Commercial Wheeled Snow Shovel; Great for all amounts of snow, all conditions. Fast clearing and less strain on your back. Equally compared to a snow blower, excellent choice if snowfall under 5”, it will be a workout though.

    True Temper Snow Boss; 26-inch blade with steel wear strip allows for the removal of more snow in less time. Multi grip handle allows you to push, lift and throw snow from your optimal ergonomic position. Excellent design.


    The Results

    Consensus is in and for the average homeowner the Suncast SC3250 makes the most sense. With ergonomic pushing capability in addition to an average lifting capacity, this choice is the best of both worlds at an affordable price point.