• Fall is in full swing. While gardening might not be foremost on your mind if you live in Carroll or Howard County, Maryland, it is certainly an ideal time to get your hardy bulbs planted so you can enjoy those gorgeous spring blooms.

    Examples of hardy bulbs:


    • Tulips
    • Irises
    • Daffodils
    • Hyacinths
    • Crocuses


    When to Plant hardy Bulbs:


    Prime time for hardy bulb planting will largely depend on your areas climate. Generally, it’s a good idea to schedule planting approximately 6 weeks before the ground freezes. If you are still unsure, when nighttime temperatures reach between 40 – 50 degrees it’s the ideal time, this way bulbs have enough time to establish their root system. In central Maryland, between September and October is optimal.

    What you need:


    • Gloves
    • Shovel
    • Compost
    • Bulbs

    How to Plant Bulbs:


    1. Determine a full sun area with well-drained soil
    1. Work a few scoops of compost in the soil (link to compost)
    1. Dig the hole and place the bulb NOSE UP, ROOTS DOWN. Cover with soil.
    1. In general, plant bulbs at a depth of three times the width of the bulb but always read the packaging for specific measurements.
    1. After planting, apply fertilizer low in nitrogen, such as a 9-6-6 formulation.  If your soil’s sandy, plant bulbs slightly deeper; in clay soils, slightly shallower.
    1. Water well after planting.


    Any other tips or tricks? BMS would love to hear from you.