• The importance of leaf removal in Maryland

    A significant fall lawn care task, often misunderstood is leaf removal. While it is true that colder temperatures slow grass growth, the process of photosynthesis is still happening and the grass needs to store the energy made from photosynthesis for use in the spring. When leaves fall from the tress and rest on your lawn, they create a barrier between the grass and the sunlight.


    When to begin

    Leaf removal is recommended to begin after 25% of the leaves have fallen from the trees.


    How to remove leafs

    Rake leaves manually into piles and then relocate them into bags.

    Leaf blowers come in gas or electric models and can assist in the removal pf large volumes of dry leaves easily.

    Recycle your leaves by piling them up manually and utilizing them in compost.



    Leaf removal is physically demanding and time consuming. Please feel free to contact BMS if you desire an estimate for professional leaf removal.