• Best Ice Melt For Homeowners (That Actually Work)

    January 10, 2017 | blog | Amber
  • As gorgeous as a snowy landscape might be, a slippery sidewalk is a dangerous result! 

    What can a homeowner to do to fend off icy walkways and avoid a catastrophe? We recommend early application of ice melt.

    These are our top five best ice melts, for homeowners use.

    Ice melt is the general name used for various products geared toward melting snow and ice. These products can vary in terms of their active ingredients and there are plenty of different ways to melt ice depending on your specific needs.


    Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe

    Safe Paw is a Non-Toxic ice melt formula that is guaranteed safe for pets. These concentrated pellets cover twice the area of rock salt with a timed-release formula that helps prevent re-icing for up to three days. This formula is safe for animals, children, vegetation, and concrete brick and stone.

    Snow Joe MELT25EB-BKT 25-lb Flip-Top Bucket W/Scoop Melt Premium Environmentally + Pet Friendly Blend Ice Melt

    Snow Joe MELT Environment Friendly Blend Ice Melter provides a safe ice melt option for grass, wood, concrete, metals and is safer for pets, children and the environment. MELT EB is a time-released formula, staying on surface longer for added protection and better control of the freeze/thaw cycle. When used as directed, MELT EB will not dry out or irritate the skin and can be safely and easily dispensed without requiring the use of protective clothing.

    Snow Joe MELT25CCP-BKT 25-lb Flip-Top Bucket with Scoop Professional Strength Calcium Chloride Pellet Ice Melt

    Snow Joe MELT Professional strength – contains 94% pure CaCl2 pellets, this is a strong commercial grade ice melt formula designed to melt down to -25 degrees F.  It comes in a convenient, reseal able 25 lb. bucket with handy measuring scoop for easy dispensing. This formula is not pet or child safe and needs to be dispensed with proper care and is not intended for use on concrete.

    DANDO Premium Ice Melt Pet Safe

    DANDO premium ice melt, 100% natural mineral, heavy metal free for home application. DANDO premium ice melt made with 100% magnesium chloride, free of rock salt and calcium chloride, no chemical synthesis process, which makes it mild, less irritation, minimum environment impact and more suitable for home application. Though claiming to be pet safe, the directions do require use of rubber gloves when using this product.

    Pet Friendly Subzero Ice Melt – Super Concentrated Ice Melt

    Pet Friendly Subzero, non-toxic ice melt is guaranteed safe for pets. Concentrated flakes cover twice the area of rock salt and will not irritate pet paws or skin, and work in temperatures as low as -15 degree Fahrenheit. Timed-Release formulation helps prevent re-icing for up to three days. Guaranteed non-toxic. Safe for animals, children, vegetation, and concrete brick and stone when properly sealed. The bottle also works as a great salt shaker.


    Final Thoughts

    Regardless of which ice melt you choose, the best time to start thinking about ice melt is before you need it. Ice melt is one of those products that sells out quick in local stores because when its time for storm prep, everyone is in the same boat! Stocking up early will ensure you have your ice melt when the time comes. Manufacturers also recommend pretreatment on most surfaces. The benefit of pretreating is that you won’t need as much product in the long run because the treatment will prevent the ice from bonding to the surface.